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LIBER8 Consulting live and work on the lands of the Yugambeh Country.

We pay our respects to local Elders and the ancestors.

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We're passionate about helping entrepreneurs!

Like you, we're carving our own path in the world, and are keen to share our knowledge to smooth the bumps in the road. Our focus is providing technology solutions to the parts of your business that are ancillary to your purpose.

We're yet to meet the lawn and garden contractor who started their business so they could spend hours each month trying to reconcile their accounts, or the electrician who loved writing in their diary, so they started their business so they could manually schedule visits all day, every day!

But we're passionate about helping small business develop strategy and deploy technology, so let us help you eliminate (or at least minimise) that boring stuff!

Having implemented ServiceM8 into a field service business we own, the joy of improved productivity morphed into a passion for sharing the product with other business owners.

Talk to us today about how we can help deploy technology solutions to your business pain points.

Our Services

As a ServiceM8 Certified Partner, we provide a range of services to assist with deploying ServiceM8 within your business. 

● Consultation
● ServiceM8 Add-ons
● ServiceM8 Demonstration
● Account Setup
● Training

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For businesses that want to get up and running quickly but don't have the time to figure it out themselves, includes:

  • Initial Consultation

  • Backend Configuration

  • Create Staff

  • Custom Invoice Template

  • Custom Quote Template

  • Custom Job categories

  • Accounting Integration

  • Basic Dispatch Staff Training

  • Basic Field Staff Training

  • 1 Month Phone Support

  • $250

    Setup Only

    For the business that doesn't have time to set up their account but is happy to figure out the basics by themselves, includes:

  • Account Creation

  • Business Configuration

  • Create Staff

  • 1 Custom Invoice Template

  • 1 Custom Quote Template

  • Custome Job Categories

  • Accounting Integration

  • $1760


    For businesses that are well established but need to improve on their processes and want an in-depth intro to the different areas of ServiceM8, includes Basic features, plus:

    • Manager Training

    • Accounts Training

    • Custom Security Role

    • Online Booking Form

    • Work Order Template

    • Automation setup

    • Import Materials & Clients

    • Set up Email Inbox

    • Set Up Badges

    • Calendar Import

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    Case Study

    MVP Property Services Pty Ltd is a property maintenance business located in Queensland, Australia. LIBER8 Consulting helped MVP Property Services switch from an alternative field service CRM that was no longer meeting the needs of their growing operations. 

    MVP chose ServiceM8 because it was important for them to ensure a seamless transition for staff and customers, and the features of ServiceM8 would give them better outcomes for business operations. 

    Several MVP Property Services clients are Real Estate Agencies and Property Management teams - ServiceM8 gives them the ability to centralise communication between Property Managers, Tenants, Office Staff and Field Staff so all members of the team always have the same information regardless of their location. 

    Since moving to ServiceM8, MVP has increased productivity, reduced scheduling errors, and eliminated 'stuck' jobs. If your service business is drowning in administrative burden - reach out to see how we can help you implement ServiceM8 today!

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    LIBER8 Consulting live and work on the lands of the Yugambeh Country.

    We pay our respects to local Elders and the ancestors.

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